Pro Tips

Training for the Sidepass

By The American Quarter Horse Journal

Trail is one of the largest and most popular classes at many AQHA shows. &ldquoIt&rsquos not only a class where horses are asked to wal ... read more.

Should I Insure My Horse?

By Johne Dobbs and Courtny Clagg

You have just purchased a new horse and in today&rsquos market probably spent quite a sum of your hard earned dollars.  To protect the initia ... read more.

Showing To Win

By World Champion Chris Arentsen

When showing halter, the judges are looking for balance, muscling, soundness, structure, and overall refinement of the animal. What we need to ask ... read more.

Showmanship – Perfecting Your Position and Achieving an Accurate Set Up

By Valerie Kearns

Multiple World Champion Trainer Valerie Kearns shares tips to improving your Showmanship score One of the best things about Showmanship ... read more.

Keep Your Show Clothing Like New

By Trista Born

Trista Born Co-Owner of Closet Space Consignments shares tips to keep your show clothing like new. Wear and sometimes ... read more.


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