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Keep Your Show Clothing Like New
By Trista Born

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Trista Born Co-Owner of Closet Space Consignments shares tips to keep your show clothing like new.

Wear and sometimes even tear are bound to happen to your precious show clothes.  Dirt, sweat, makeup and horse slobber are inevitable. The good news is that there are many tips and tricks to keeping your show apparel in like-new condition. Your show clothes are an investment and taking care of them after wear are key to keeping them in tiptop shape. 


  • Wear a lightweight t-shirt or camisole underneath your jackets/tops.  This gives you the option to warm up without your jacket/top on and will act as a buffer between your bare skin and the jacket/top once in the show pen. This will help decrease the chance of overall wear and odors.
  • Wearing under-arm shields helps absorb sweat and can help prevent your garment from absorbing any odors.  Lightly spraying the inside of your jacket with Febreze can help you stay ahead of any unwanted odors.  Leave your jacket/top on the hanger to air dry before putting it back in the garment bag.
  • Take a baby wipe or shout wipe to the collar immediately after wear. This is helpful to stay ahead of sweat, dirt and makeup stains.  
  • Keep your show apparel in garment bags to protect from dirt and dust.
  • Always check the label before attempting any cleaning of your garment.  If there are no instructions we always suggest contacting the designer to see what they recommend.  The designer will know their materials best and can give you guidance. Another option is spot cleaning.  Take a clean washcloth with a mild clear detergent and gently scrub any dirty areas.  Lay the garment flat on some towels to air dry. If you are unsure or not confident about cleaning your own item we suggest sending it out to a professional.  We highly recommend Glamour Gal Repairs (
  • Stones are going to fall off.  Many designers include a pack of extra stones with their items, if not, try reaching out to the designer/maker to see if you can purchase extras.  E6000 and Gem Tac are reputable adhesives.  
  • Avoid leaving your show clothing in extreme temperatures.  Too hot or too cold of temps can put stress on your clothes.
  • Caring for your precious show clothing is not necessarily fun or exciting, but it is well worth the time and effort.  When you are ready to move on and sell your garment a well cared for item will sell faster and you will be able to recoup more of your investment.

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