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Should I Insure My Horse?
By Johne Dobbs and Courtny Clagg

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You have just purchased a new horse and in today’s market probably spent quite a sum of your hard earned dollars.  To protect the initial investment, it is possible to insure the mortality of your new equine partner.  The base coverage is a mortality policy which protects the value should a horse die from an accident, sickness or disease.  The premium is based on a percentage of the insured value, for example, a horse insured for $10,000 would have a yearly policy costing between $325 and $340.  This rate is based on the age, breed and use of the horse.  Most policies include up to $5000 emergency colic surgery (for free) giving the owner extra peace of mind. 

There are also optional coverages to go along with the mortality policy ranging from major medical, surgical, personal horse owners and equine essentials. 

Major medical: Designed to help with veterinary expenses for diagnostics and treatments including hospitalization and surgery as covered in the policy.  All companies have a deductible with this coverage as well as a co-pay.  In matters of extraordinary health issues this option added to the policy is a great relief to the owner and helps pick up some of the expense of veterinary care.

Surgical only: This coverage will pay for surgery (either local or under anesthesia) and has a lower deductible of $50 and no co-pay.  Some companies will even pay a portion of diagnostics should those results lead to surgery. 

Personal Horse Owner Liability: PHO is a very affordable way to protect the horse owner from a suit brought on should your animal injure a third person or damage someone’s property.  A scenario might be you are sued when your horse kicks someone during the noon break at a horse show and breaks that person’s leg.  You could purchase $1 million limit of liability coverage for under $100 a year which is added to your horse’s mortality policy.  Another option is a stand-alone policy for more horses which runs around $300 a year for up 5 horses.  This also provides a $1 million limit of liability.

Equine Essentials: This is a new product from one of the companies we represent, Markel Insurance Company, and adds coverage for owned horse equipment, non-owned horse equipment, emergency evacuation, and necropsy and burial should the unfortunate happen.

Courtney Clagg and Johne Dobbs are associated with Andreini & Company and represent a variety of companies to provide any type of insurance coverage needed from equine, farm and ranch, liability, trainer and instructor, farrier and business liability.  They also represent Markel Insurance Company, a major supporter of the equine industry.  Courtney and Johne have a combined 51 years of experience as licensed agents with great customer service being the backbone of the business.  They have shown for many years are still competing.  Give them a call to further explain how they can help you.
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