The purpose of ILQHA shall be to promote the American Quarter Horse in the State of Illinois. To achieve this purpose ILQHA shall promote interest in riding, breeding, raising, training, exhibiting and racing the American Quarter Horse and organize, promote and sanction events and activities for Quarter Horses and their owners.


Olivia Wynn receives Ken Freeman Scholarship

Olivia Wynn, a Senior at Oregon High School, from Chana, Illinois, has been selected as the 2022 recipient of the Ken Freeman Memorial Scholarship. Olivia is a dedicated, hardworking individual, both inside and outside of the competition arena.

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Member Spotlight

Meet ILQHA member, Joan Selberg

We enjoyed visiting with Joan and learning about her involvement and passion with her Quarter Horses.

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Pro Tips

Ranch Riding: 7 Tips to Improve Your Scores

If you practice well at home, going into the show pen should be a little bit easier as a rider, even if your horse is a bit more unpredictable. Read on for more ranch riding class tips from trainer Trevor Carter.

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A good Coach can change a game, a great Coach can change a life.

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